Week 11 Manitoban Mural

As we’re coming to the tail end of winter here in Vancouver, I can’t help but have my mind wander to sunny prairie days. Manitoba Mural is about revisiting a summer North End Winnipeg walk, where I met these bison under a bridge. The mural seems to have seen better days, but I’ve always wanted to do a project adapted from Greyscalegorilla’s “Start With a Photo”. Greyscalegorilla regularly holds contests in this category for a 5 second duration. I decided to make the bison come to life for 17 seconds for this week’s project. No bison were harmed. 

The music playing in the background is “Purple Heart” by a Winnipeg local favourite, Imaginary Cities. Last I checked, I have not heard of any UFO sightings in Winnipeg. Any resemblance to real people/animals/stories are purely coincidental.